Offset printer system

Gerneral introduction about offset printers/VPC printing and packaging JSC uses closed and modern production line system, from design stage, computer to plate stage, printing stage, surface coating stage to other stages such as: value increasing stage and finished stage, We believe that we always meet all requirements of customers, bring surplus value for customer’s product

  • Printer system: printing on many paper materials: duplex, ivory, bristol, metalized, decal
  • Scabrous gloss effect, fuzzy glossiness, dripoff
  • Local glossiness,  UV

Images about factory

CTP machine 6-UNIT offset press MAN ROLAND 700 2-unit offset press LITHRONE 40 KOMORY
7-unit offset press MITSUBISHI DAIYA 3G-7 Coating 6-unit offset press MITSUBISHI

Complete products

We use modern die-cutter machine to ensure that product quality is stable and good. Die- cutter mold is cut by Lazer so as to get accurate and good mold quality. From that, we can make products with complex mold such as: Decal, complex boxes, …

  • automatic heating film press machine
  • Opp Coating machine includes water coating machine and heating coating machine with perfect and durable printing products
  • Mirror coating machine: make products friendly with environment, increase beauty of products (finished-products with high glossiness)
  • Multi-function box gluing machines can glue a lot of types: Glue bottome of boxes, 2,3,4- glue lines
  • Continuous book folding machine
  • Cover gluing machine
  • Book sewing machine

Images about machine

Comgate board Machine Coating Machine Automatic die-cutter ASAHI
Automatic die-cutter JIMA Automatic die-cutter BOBST Folder-guler with crash-lock module

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